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What Your Child Will Learn From Gymnastics

26 Jul 2019


In our previous post in this series, we learned that hard work is its own reward. High level gymnasts spend less than .05% of their “gymnastics time” actually competing for a medal; therefore, they learn intuitively to value the daily process that puts them in position to have that chance.

Today’s topic: Gymnastics Teaches That Hard Work Pays Off.

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If you spent 1000+ hours every year preparing for your one chance to shine, you would likely place a HUGE emphasis on that one moment, wouldn’t you?

Of course, gymnasts do this as well. Which is why it’s so rewarding when all that hard work culminates in a gold medal, a high placing, or a personal best.

Winning – and being at your best during a competition – is certainly a reward that all gymnasts strive for; but is this the only time when all that hard work and investment actually pays off?

The True Reward is Growth, and the Growth is Endless

There’s a lot pressure on a gymnast to be at her best “when it counts”: her parents, coaches, and teammates all have high hopes for her performance – and that doesn’t even begin to consider her own internal pressures!

But the great thing about this amazing sport is that there are SO MANY other ways in which her hard work pays off.

Certainly, winning medals and trophies, receiving high scores, and “delivering your best” at a competition are rewards that all gymnasts seek; but consider this list of incredible ways their hard work pays off without ever even stepping foot on a competition floor:’

  • With every repetition of conditioning, she is getting stronger, fitter, and more flexible
  • Her conditioning gains translate to greater ease and proficiency in executing her required drills and movements
  • Ease and proficiency of execution brings greater mastery, harder skills, and new training opportunities
  • Harder skills often coincide with an advancement in competition level
  • Advancements in competition level bring new qualification opportunities like Regional and National championships
  • All the while – with every step forward – she is finding herself in rarified air, enjoying growth and accomplishments that few humans beings ever will

And – oh yeah – she’ll probably beat all the boys in her class in arm wrestling 

A child who learns that her hard work pays off will naturally work hard in all that she does.She’ll give her school work her very best, she’ll give her future employer her very best, and she’ll view success in life as a process – one in which she continually gives nothing short of her best effort.

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Photo Credit: Arya Ziai