Fun Meet

Super Stars Fun Meet 2017: April 28th, 29th, and 30th

What is this “Super Stars Fun Meet” all about?
Glad you asked! We describe the fun meet to the children as a big gymnastics talent show where they will get to show off little “routines” that we will begin to learn over the next several weeks to their friends and family and even get a T-shirt and a TROPHY!!
What is the format?The format is “recital style.” The children will be split in up to 6 groups within their session (we do our best to group them with other children from their class). Within their group, they will go one-at-a-time on their event until everyone is finished. They will then switch to the next event and so on until each group has visited each event. At the end, there will be an award ceremony where each child will be called up on the award stand individually to receive a trophy.

How much will this cost?The cost is $40 for the 1st child, $35 for the 2nd child, and $30 for each child after that. This price includes T-shirt, trophy, entry fees, and admission (there is no cost at the door for spectators).

When can we sign up?

Registration begins Monday, March 6th

Registration deadline is Saturday, April 8th


In order to ensure a smooth event, we need for you to observe a few procedures:

1. Check-in begins 15 minutes prior to the start of your childs session. Please do not arrive any earlier, as we want adequate time for the previous sessions performers and spectators to exit the building (as well as the parking lot).
2. Please arrive in your attire, ready to go. This will help facilitate on-time running of the sessions.
3. Upon arrival, one parent and the gymnast should check-in at the party room to receive his or her t-shirt and group assignment for the day.
4. There will be no more than 4 gymnasts performing (in separate areas) at one time. This will allow for maximum viewing for spectators. Feel free to move around within the observation area as your child moves from event to event.
5. T-shirts cannot be exchanged for a different size. We custom ordered the shirts and therefore do not have any leeway.
6. Please be sure to show up for the appropriate session time. You should have received a reminder card when you signed up. If you still have questions, you may contact the front office.
7. After the children are finished performing, we will have an awards ceremony at which each child will be called up to the awards stand to receive a trophy!
8. If you fail to get a good picture during the awards ceremony and would like to get one afterward, feel free to ask one of our coaches. We do ask, however, that you refrain from coming out on the floor as that is against our safety policy.

Thank you so much for your cooperation! We look forward to an EXCITING event that everyone can enjoy!
Well see you on the big day!